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Preserve your NFTs with our low-cost, easy-to-use solution. We aim to ensure verifiable long-term storage, powered by smart contracts and backed by our on-chain endowment for ultimate transparency.

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Seamless integration, timeless security

NFT.Storage uses Filecoin's robust decentralized storage network to aim to ensure the long-term preservation of your NFT data.

A small price to preserve NFT value

Designed to enable the long-term preservation of NFT data in the decentralized, verifiable Filecoin Network, charging only a small one-time fee.

Easy integration for long term preservation

We provide marketplaces with an API to build consumer trust by enabling buyers to identify NFTs that are verifiably stored with NFT.Storage. (Coming soon!)

All backed by our on-chain endowment

We aim to ensure long term storage, powered by smart contracts for ultimate transparency and trust.

Getting started is easy

Integrate, store, safeguard. Affordable, lasting protection
for your NFTs in 3 simple steps

  • Upload your data to IPFS

    Upload your NFT data to IPFS, where it's content addressed and made available in hot storage.

  • Mint your NFTs

    Mint your NFTs on your preferred blockchain and minting platform.

  • Send your NFT data to us for long-term preservation

    Send us your NFT data—CIDs, blockchain, contract address, and token IDs.

    We preserve the off-chain data, and our NFT Token checker confirms collection preservation for integrated apps to display the badge.

  • Developer?

    Check out the docs to learn more.

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