Celebrating Innovation and Community at NFT.Storage's Landmark Event

Recap of NFT.Storage's groundbreaking event at MoMA PS1 during NFT.NYC, where we unveiled a new platform upgrade and launched the NFT.Storage DAO. This blog post explores our commitment to community-driven NFT preservation, highlights from the discussions on the future of arts and NFTs, and how you can join the DAO to contribute to this innovative journey.
Elizabeth Griffiths
April 15, 2024

Last week, as New York City buzzed with the energy from NFT.NYC, the NFT.Storage team hosted an iconic event at the Museum of Modern Art PS1. Alongside IPFS, NFT.Storage, a project dedicated to the long-term preservation of NFTs, hosted a landmark event that not only celebrated its journey but also heralded its future with the unveiling of a new version of their platform and the launch of the official NFT.Storage DAO.

Community and Innovation
The event was a pivotal moment for the project. NFT.Storage has established itself as a public good that provides free decentralized storage and bandwidth for NFTs with IPFS and Filecoin, ensuring that NFTs are preserved as part of our digital heritage. The launch of their new version aims to offer sustainable, long-term storage for NFTs at a minimal cost, making it as accessible as possible for creators and collectors alike.

The Launch of NFT.Storage DAO
In keeping with the vision to empower the community to have a significant role in deciding the future of the platform, NFT.Storage announced the launch of its DAO. This move marks a shift towards a more community-driven approach, where members can contribute to the preservation efforts and have a say in the platform's development. The DAO is structured to accommodate both free memberships and paid tiers, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to support and shape the future of NFT preservation.

The Future of Arts and NFTs
At the event Jesse Damiani led the discussion, featuring prominent figures like Jake Loo, Co-Founder & CTO of thirdweb, artist Maya Man, Chris King from ClubNFT, Michael Connor of Rhizome and others. These conversations delved into pressing topics in the arts and culture sector, particularly focusing on who holds the responsibility for the safe, long-term storage of NFTs. The venue was adorned with stunning digital art from Epoch Gallery, LoVid, Maya Man, and Nancy Baker Cahill, creating a vibrant backdrop for the discussions. The presence of such creative works highlighted the importance of NFT.Storage’s mission—to ensure that digital art remains accessible and preserved for future generations.

NFT.Storage Partners
NFT.Storage was not standing alone; they had a host of partners who helped them put together the event and assist with the relaunch. This includes the teams at Protocol Labs, Filecoin, IPFS, and Filecoin Foundation, who supported the event. Special thanks were given to the design, development, and marketing teams from Halaska Studio, Lighthouse, and Mooning, who played critical roles in bringing the vision of NFT.Storage to life.

As NFT.Storage steps into this new phase, we invite the broader NFT community to join its efforts through the DAO. This initiative is not just about preserving digital assets but about fostering a sustainable model that can support the continued growth and innovation in the NFT space. We ask for you to show your support for NFT.Storage by joining the DAO at https://nft.storage/dao-membership.

The event at MoMA PS1 was a testament to the power of collaboration and community in shaping the future of digital arts and blockchain technology. As a public good, NFT.Storage continues to push the boundaries, ensuring that every NFT is preserved as a timeless asset, accessible to all, and securely stored on the decentralized web powered by Filecoin and IPFS.

We encourage all who are passionate about the future of NFTs and digital preservation to consider becoming a part of the NFT.Storage DAO. Your support and engagement will help ensure that the digital treasures of today remain a vibrant part of our collective future.