The next chapter for NFT.Storage: Shaping the future of NFT preservation together

Shaping the future of NFT preservation together
Elizabeth Griffiths
June 12, 2024

Update: Since posting this article in early April 2024, there have been some important updates and an exciting exclusive offer for NFT.Storage customers. Read the update here >>


NFT.Storage Classic: A de-facto public good for NFTs

Since launching in April 2021, NFT.Storage has become a de facto public good for NFTs, with over 165,000 users and 660 TB of data under our care. Our journey has been driven by a commitment to providing free, resilient and accessible decentralized storage solutions for off-chain NFT data. With the evolution of our platform, our focus is now on evolving these offerings to ensure the long-term preservation of NFTs, aiming to safeguard their value and accessibility for future generations. As we move into this next chapter, we're thrilled to invite our community to shape a decentralized future alongside us by joining the newly formed NFT.Storage DAO.

Evolving Towards Decentralization

NFT.Storage is embracing decentralization, enhancing our service offerings and adopting a governance model aligned with our mission as a public good. This transition is an opportunity to better serve the NFT community's needs sustainably. With this shift, the original (NFT.Storage Classic) NFT.Storage web app, API, SDK, NFTUp, and the Pinning API will no longer accept new registrations beginning today. Rest assured, existing account holders can continue to rely on their data being accessible across IPFS and in the decentralized Filecoin Network.

Introducing the NFT.Storage DAO

Our evolution includes the introduction of the NFT.Storage DAO, marking a pivotal shift towards community-driven governance. It's an opportunity for each member of our community to contribute to our mission, whether through active engagement or simply by joining. Your support enriches our collective endeavor towards sustainable NFT preservation.

What’s next for our users

We invite you to explore the evolved NFT.Storage platform, now even more focused on the long-term preservation of NFTs. To access these improved services, you'll need to create a new account. Additionally, consider becoming a part of the NFT.Storage DAO. Your support plays a vital role in ensuring the future of NFT preservation.

Supporting NFT.Storage and Its Future

Join the NFT.Storage DAO: Your participation supports our mission to aim for the preservation of NFTs for future generations. Whether you're an active contributor or a supportive member, your involvement is invaluable. Join today

Try the new NFT.Storage platform: Dive into our updated platform designed with a keen focus on NFT preservation. Discover how our latest features can assist in safeguarding your NFT projects for the long haul. Sign up today

Moving Forward Together

The future of NFT.Storage is bright, with community at its core. Our commitment to sustainability, decentralization, and ensuring the long-term preservation of NFTs remains unwavering. We look forward to welcoming you to the NFT.Storage DAO and together, advancing towards a future where every NFT is preserved as a timeless asset.