Frequently asked questions

For all users

What is NFT.Storage?
How does NFT.Storage aim to ensure the longevity of my NFTs?
What does it cost to use NFT.Storage?
How can I retrieve my NFT data from NFT.Storage?
Can anyone verify the data stored on NFT.Storage?
How does NFT.Storage handle data integrity and authenticity?

For community members

What is expected of members?
How can I contribute to the NFT.Storage Community?
Is the NFT.Storage community a DAO?
What is the legal structure of the community?

For NFT.Storage Classic users

What is NFT.Storage Classic?
Why am I being asked to register again?
How will the new pricing affect my existing stored data?
What new features or improvements come with this change?
How can I provide feedback or get help regarding the new changes?

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