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Join the NFT.Storage community to shape the future of NFT preservation. With tailored membership tiers, make a meaningful impact in accelerating NFT innovation and supporting long-term NFT preservation.

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By joining NFT.Storage as a member, you directly contribute to the preservation and innovation of the NFT ecosystem. Membership offers you the opportunity to engage with a vibrant community, gain visibility for your projects, and have a say in the platform's future developments.

Community and Collaboration

Engage with a global network of NFT enthusiasts, creators, and innovators. Membership provides you with exclusive access to discussions, collaborations, and the opportunity to shape the future of NFT.Storage through collective wisdom and shared goals.

Support and Sustainability

Contribute to the long-term sustainability of NFT.Storage. Your membership helps support our mission to provide accessible, decentralized storage solutions for NFTs, aiming to ensure they remain preserved for future generations.

Visibility and Recognition

Celebrate your contributions with visibility across the NFT.Storage platform, community, and marketing channels. Members receive recognition for their support and have the opportunity to highlight their projects, enhancing their profile across the NFT ecosystem.


NFT.Storage is more than a platform; it's a movement powered by the collective strength of its community through the NFT.Storage DAO. Members influence the platform's evolution, ensuring it remains aligned with the real needs and values of the NFT community. By becoming part of the DAO, members gain the opportunity to shape the future of NFT preservation, propose innovations, and participate in  decision-making processes.

Explore our working groups

Discover the specialized teams that propel NFT.Storage, blending expertise in development, fundraising, governance, marketing, and strategy to shape the future of NFT preservation and community involvement.

Build working group

The Build group’s goal is to design, build and iterate on the product. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to customer and research, visual and technical design, development, testing, launch support, measure and learn. See the roadmap for current initiatives.

Fund working group

The Fund group’s goal is to grow external financial support for NFT.Storage. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to retroactive public good funding (RPGF) and securing grants. Current initiatives include Filecoin RPGF and planning for the next Gitcoin and Optimism RPGF rounds.

Govern working group

The Govern group’s goal is to design, build and iterate on governance strategy and operations. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to DAO governance, operational cadence, working group operational frameworks. Current initiatives include crafting our DAO governance model and working group frameworks.

Grow working group

The Grow group’s goal is to grow support for NFT.Storage. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to grow the membership base, increase awareness and adoption for NFT.Storage. Current initiatives include validating our membership packages, fulfill membership benefits and market our beta launch.

Advisory working group

The Advisory group’s goal is to advise the NFT.Storage core team on high level strategy. If you’re an expert in your craft and interested in being an Advisor, reach out for a chat.


We take an outcome-driven approach to roadmap prioritization.
Priorities are aligned with seasonal goals, and our lean, iterative approach to product development aims to ensure we’re delivering customer value early and often.

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Please note priorities and dates are subject to change. Any significant delays will be communicated as early as possible.

Meet the team

Meet the Core Team, driving innovation at NFT.Storage and steering the DAO's strategic direction. Their combined expertise spans web3 strategy, product development, arts, culture, finance, research, and technology.

Elizabeth Griffiths
Jesse Damiani
Strategist, BD, Arts & Culture
Jonathan Victor
Advisor. Co-founder, Ansa Research
Jake Loo
Advisor. CTO, thirdweb

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