Our journey is guided by a clear roadmap that aligns our efforts with our mission to build and maintain valuable public goods. This roadmap showcases our commitment to transparency, innovation, and community collaboration.

Our approach to building public goods

We take an outcome-driven approach to roadmap prioritization.
Priorities are aligned with seasonal goals, and our lean, iterative approach to product development aims to ensure we’re delivering customer value early and often.


Our roadmap is shaped by the needs and feedback of our community, ensuring that we address the most impactful and relevant challenges.

Aligned with seasonal goals

We prioritize projects based on seasonal objectives, allowing us to stay focused and achieve strategic milestones throughout the year.

Test and iterate

We adopt a lean, iterative approach to product development, continually testing and refining to deliver optimal value to our customers.

Our public goods roadmap

Explore our detailed development roadmap to see the specific projects and milestones we’re working towards. This visual guide highlights our ongoing and upcoming initiatives, providing a clear view of our strategic direction.

On-chain endowment
In progress
Support for more L1s + L2s
In progress
Usability improvements
On-chain endowment
NFT Token Checker API
NFT Token Checker web app
After that
L1 primitive integration
ERC-20 payments
Metered payments
Please note priorities and dates are subject to change. Any significant delays will be communicated as early as possible.

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